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Chakra Incense Balancing Kit

Chakra Incense Balancing Kit

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Chakra Incense Balancing Kit

Unblock your chakras with these sweet-scented incense sticks. Each one represents your chakras and comes with a matching wooden holder to place your sticks on. You receive 70 incense sticks in very bright colourful packaging.

Crown Chakra - Linked to intelligence. Blackberry fragrance.

Third Eye - Linked to intuition and perception. Blueberry fragrance

Throat - Linked to communication. Lavender fragrance.

Heart - Linked to compassion and altruism. Mint fragrance.

Solar Plexus - Linked to direction and self-esteem. Lemon fragrance.

Sacral - Linked to sexuality and physical grace. Orange fragrance

Root - Linked to stability, grounding and prosperity. Strawberry fragrance.


  • Contains 7 individual packs of 10 incense sticks.
  • Comes with a wooden incense holder


This item will be shipped directly by one of our trading partners. It is very difficult for Black Qubd to hold stock of everything hence why we are able to work with other small businesses, trading partners and distributors who can ship directly to our customers. This allows us to broaden our product range and keep our storage costs to a minimum.

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