Meet Harri!

Harri Dhokia_BlackQubd

Hey there!
Welcome to Black Qubd, where art finds its voice and captivates hearts. I'm Harri, the visionary behind this creative expedition, and I'm here to whisk you away on a journey through the origins of Black Qubd.
But let's rewind a bit. The inception of this enchanting brand traces back to an encounter with a Belgian furniture manufacturer in 2015. That moment ignited a spark within me, setting ablaze a storm of artistic ideas. And thus, Black Qubd was born. The name QUBD (pronounced ‘cubed’)? Derived from the adorable fibre-coated foam cubes, the kind you sit on, which inspired me with creating the brand ‘Black Qubd’.
As a British-born Asian raised in a vibrant Hindu family, I was blessed with three elder siblings. Being the youngest, it became my ticket to embrace my creative side, unleashing the artist within. In fact, during my college years, I painted whimsical wall murals for children's bedrooms.
With my cultural roots as a driving force and indepth creativity, I captured photography of the elegant bandhani sarees worn by my mother and I created the exquisite 'Sringara' collection. These vibrant cubes, infused with the bandhani saree print, came in six magnificent colours, and exuded grace and tradition. Always an entrepreneur with an artistic flair, I embarked on a mission to blend Asian traditions with modernity and launched the brand in 2016.
Black Qubd soon gained momentum, with a breakthrough in 2017 when we added classy and funky home accessories to our lineup. The grand unveiling took place at my first shopping event, Hey Gorgeous, where the brand and its products were met with resounding applause and acclaim. It was then that I discovered my target audience: house proud ladies who relished the opportunity to infuse colour into their kitchens and impress their guests with vibrant tableware.
As time passed, our product range expanded. Kitchenware flourished, and the demand for statues and ornaments surged. To continue this remarkable journey, I relaunched the website in 2021, showcasing exquisitely designed gifts and religious statues inspired by Eastern culture. Black Qubd became the Home of Eastern Inspired Gifts.
Today, Black Qubd takes pride in offering a splendid array of statues, ornaments, and candle/incense holders that transform any space into a sanctuary. But our exploration in the mesmerising world of arts didn't stop there.
Inspired by my spiritual path and passion for jewellery and crystals, I recently unveiled our newest collection, 'Layers.' This unique assortment of jewellery harmonises with your persona, fusing culture, quality, colour therapy and creativity into timeless pieces that reflect your true self. a timeless way to wear your bracelets, and it's your new go-to for every day.
Each Black Qubd product is a labour of love, hand-picked from the depths of my heart and soul. I've carefully sourced every item to resonate with anyone deeply connected to their rich cultural heritage. So, come join me on this magical voyage and explore the mystical world of Black Qubd. Prepare to be captivated by the enchantment of my creativity because these products are more than just mere objects—they are a gateway to the extraordinary.


Harri Dhokia at Blackqubd