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  • Black Qubd Shopify Handmade Copper Drinking Straw Set
  • Black Qubd Shopify Handmade Copper Drinking Straw Set
  • Black Qubd Shopify Handmade Copper Drinking Straw Set
  • Black Qubd Shopify Handmade Copper Drinking Straw Set
  • Black Qubd Shopify Handmade Copper Drinking Straw Set
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Handmade Copper Drinking Straw Set

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Millions of tons of plastic finds its way to our environment every year.  Much of this into our Ocean.

Enjoy your cold drink using these Handmade Copper Drinking Straw Set. It is common knowledge that Plastic Straws are one of the most harmful plastic items – far worse than others as they are classified as “single-use” plastic. These items have a shockingly short lifespan, normally used once and then discarded to landfill. Like other plastics, they never biodegrade and take up to 200 hundred years to break down.

Globally, restaurants, bars, and cities are voluntarily banning plastic straws. Everyone needs to do their part to protect the environment and marine life – do yours and use a Reusable Plastic Straw for your summer cocktails and soft drinks. They come in a funky pouch which you can pop into your handbag or store at home.

  • There are 2 sizes - a juice straw and a smoothie straw.  You will receive one of each.
  • These are hand made in South Africa, a company run by husband and wife and have an amazing passion for creating products using copper and brass.
  • Easy to wash and use. Comes with an eco cleaning brush.
  • No 2 straws are identical. Some are plain and some are etched with a geometric design.
  • They look so cool when you use them.
  • Sets available: Juice Straw Set (comes with 1x juice straw, 1x pouch and 1x cleaning brush)
  • Smoothie Straw Set (comes with 1x smoothie straw, 1x pouch and 1x cleaning brush)
  • Straw Set (comes with 1x juice straw, 1x smoothies straw, 1x pouch and 1x cleaning brush)
    • Each straw is approx 21cm in length although no 2 straws are identical due to them being handmade
    • 100% copper.  They are not copper plated.
    • 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.
    • Safe to use and not harmful to the environment.
    • Copper has been known to have many health benefits.
    • Comes with a carry pouch.
    • Not to be used with hot drinks
    • Easy to clean.  Cleaning brush comes with every set.  Simply rinse under hot water, use brush and allow to dry.
    • Efficacy as an antimicrobial is scientifically proven to be far more effective than silver-containing coatings
    • Proven to continuously kill the microbes that cause infections
    • The only solid metal touch surface approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
    • Never wears out. Continuous and ongoing antimicrobial action
    • Remains effective even after repeated wet and dry abrasion and re-contamination
    • Natural oxidation does not impair efficacy.
    • Inherently antimicrobial, no chemicals added.

Unfortunately as there is no dropdown list with pouch colour, this means you will not be able to request a specific colours. If you have any questions or problems when ordering please contact us.


This stock is dispatched from Black Qubd HQ. What does this mean? I will personally package the items and dispatch the package using Hermes courier.

"I’ve bought a number of items from Black Qubd over the last couple of years as gifts and I cannot fault the quality of products or the service provided.!"