Why have a Buddha Statue in your Home?

Why have a Buddha Statue in your Home?


You can expect a lot from a Buddha statue. It is a symbol of peace, happiness and calmness. These statues have been in the market for centuries now and still remain popular. The statues are not only used for religious purposes, but also for decoration purposes as well.

History of Buddha

According to the Buddhist traditions, Buddha was born in Lumbini, which is currently referred to as Nepal. His parents came from the Shakya clan, but he later left his family to live as a wandering ascetic. He went teaching people about severe asceticism, a training of the mind. The training included ethical training and meditative practices.

He taught that life is full of suffering and that suffering can be avoided through following certain principles and practices. We can all attain enlightenment by following these principles and practices. According to him, life is full of suffering because we are always desiring something or wanting something else. He said that we should not desire anything because it will bring us suffering and dissatisfaction. We should accept things as they are and be contented with what we have instead of always wanting more or something else better than what we already have.

Buddha also taught that there is no soul or self; we are just part of nature and there is no creator who has created us; everything happens according to natural laws of cause and effect; everything is impermanent so we should not cling on anything because everything changes over time; everything has causes so our actions affect other

Best places to put the Buddha statue in your home

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When you step into a house, you feel a sense of peace and tranquillity. This is because the house is full of positive energy. If you have a Buddha statue in your home, it will only add to this positive feeling.

The statue can be strategically placed at several locations within your house. The most important thing is to keep it in a place where you can see it easily. If possible, place it near the entrance door so that it can protect your family from any negative forces that may be lurking around outside.

The next place where you can place this statue is in the living room or dining room. This area is where most of your guests will spend time so it's important that they feel comfortable and happy while visiting here as well as after leaving your home.

You can also place a Buddha statue your desk or study table. It will help you focus on work better by removing distractions that arise from your surroundings. It helps improve concentration levels as well as enhance productivity levels for those who work from home or office settings alike!

Another spot where there should be nothing more than a Buddha statue is in your bedroom! Believe it or not, this simple object can help improve our sleeping patterns drastically! By placing it directly above your bedside table or headboard, it will help you sleep.

A Buddha statue in the room you use for prayers and meditation not only gives you relaxing energy, but it also gives you the positive energy needed for one to concentrate it their prayers. For the statue to represent eternal knowledge and enlightenment, you need to place it facing the east. This will help attain peace of mind while at the same time maintaining the aura.

To make sure that your room is peaceful and clear of any negative energy, it is important that you do not have any clutter or unnecessary items lying around. The best way to do this is by getting rid of any unwanted items such as old clothes or furniture.

Why you should gift a Buddha statue

It is better to be gifted than to buy one. The statue is meant to bring good luck and calmness to your home; thus, being gifted one is ideal.

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