raksha bandhan rakhi 2022

What is Raksha Bandhan? and why do we tie Rakhi on our brother?

Relationship between siblings and the bond between brothers and sisters is of importance to everyone in the world. A Hindu festival called Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to sibling love which is celebrated worldwide.

The festival is mainly celebrated in India and communities that have an Indian origin, to signify the love between a brother and a sister. The occasion is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu lunisolar calendar during the month of Shravana, August, according to the Gregorian calendar.

Importance of Raksha Bandhan

The rakhi festival symbolizes the duty between a brother and a sister. It does not have to be blood-related so it can also include friends. On this particular day, a sister ties a rakhi (thread) around his brother's wrist with a prayer. The prayer may be for good health, protection, and love.

For those who don't have a brother to tie a rakhi, many choose to tie a rakhi to their idol statue such as Lord Krishna / Ganesha for unconditional love and protection.

In return for the prayers offered, the brother presents his sister with gifts and promises always to protect his sister from any harm under any circumstances. Distant cousins with the brother-sister bond also celebrate by the sister sending the protection thread by post.

What gifts should a sister gift her brother?

You only want the best for your brother and one way you can do so if you buy him one of the gifts named below.

Chakra crystal rakhi brother gift box

On this special day, you can gift your brother this crystal gift box. The box comes blessed with protection for your brother with a reiki infused chakra crystal thread, kum kum and rice pot, chocolate coins and a loving postcard with the special saying.

Black thread Chakra crystal rakhi

For raksha bandhan festival, you can buy them this black thread chakra crystal rakhi. The thread also comes armed to protecting your brother. If the brother lives far away, the gift can be shipped to them. The thread also comes in a red version.

What gifts should be gifted during Raksha Bandhan celebrations?

Sisters are known to be compassionate and their undying love for their brothers. It does not matter if the two siblings fight a lot; her passion goes beyond the small fights. In this case, the brothers have more difficulty choosing which gift matches their sister's personality. The safe option is obviously cash or gift vouchers but worth going the extra mile to find your sister a very special gift. 

White Lord Shiva statue

What perfect way to encourage someone to pray then gift them with the white lord Shiva statue. The statue is made of high quality resin that reflects great when light touches it.

Chakra Buddha incense holder

This chakra Buddha incense holder is the perfect gift to sit in your sisters home with it's calming appeal. The incense holder has a space where ash from the incense settles in.


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