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White Hanuman Statue

White Hanuman Statue

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White Hanuman Statue

This mesmerizing White Hanuman Statue is made in a high-quality white resin that has a very subtle sparkle when it catches the light. A perfect gift for your home. 

A beautiful addition to our white Hindu deities collection.


  • Size: Height 20cm Width 14cm Depth 10cm
  • Made from resin with an intricate design
  • Made in India
  • See the rest of our Hindu God statues


This stock is dispatched from Black Qubd HQ. What does this mean? I will personally package the items and dispatch the package using a courier. Free delivery with all orders.


Hanuman - one of the main characters of the Hindu epic Ramayana - is the son of Vayu (God of the wind) and Anjana (a celestial nymph). An ardent devotee of Lord Rama and the monkey commander of the monkey army. Hanuman is known to be the embodiment of infinite power and strength.

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