What is ‘Sringara’?

What is Sringara?

The meaning behind ‘Sringara’ translates into English as love, attractiveness and beauty. This is an ancient word from Sanskrit, a classical Indian language, and one that fitted my perception of my design concepts perfectly.

Where did the inspiration for the Sringara Collection come from? I’ll start with a little bit about myself. I’m Indian, and I choose to wear traditional Indian clothing. It was actually the tie dye fabrics that are commonly used in clothing in India that gave me the inspiration for these prints. I used one of my mother’s saree and had it professionally photographed as a starting point for my print design for the cubes. The name ‘Sringara’ was given to me by a friend and the translation fitted perfectly for the new collection.

There are six colours in total in the Sringara Collection; fuchsia, cobalt, holly, claret, lavender and steel….inspired by my Indian cultural influences, fused with some of my Western culture. I wanted to provide a wide range of colour options while still in keeping with my chosen theme, and create vibrant yet natural tones that will complement and enhance various colour schemes. Indian markets, spices and natural settings all provide an eclectic mix of colour that somehow all work together, yet are strong enough to also stand apart.

I see the cube designs in this collection offering some kind of story within each setting, bringing something authentic and enchanting to the modern shape and clean design, fitting in with quite a variety of interior designs.