A Perfect Gift for your Mum

Interesting fact :

Did you know the origins of Mother’s Day date back to the ancient Greek times? YESSS!

They dedicated an annual spring festival to maternal goddesses … how refreshing is that?! To equate the beginning of the year where new life begins to the givers of life throughout the animal kingdom?

Getting back to the present :

Have you thought of that perfect gift for your mum?

If you haven’t, no pressure, we’ve got it covered!

Most people by flowers, chocolates or wine – which is absolutely fine but we, at Black Qubd, like to offer something that’s outside the box…something that’s a little ‘funky’!

Something Sparkling -Prosecco

Wine is lovely but why not share your love with Prosecco and the special lady in your life. Our Prosecco kit has naturally dried botanicals, hand-picked Prosecco glasses and a notebook and pen to record your experience.

Something Beautiful – Flower in a glass dome

Give her a timeless gift of a naturally preserved rose from MBOS that will last for years to remind how loved she is.

picture of pink preserved rose for mothers day

Something Tranquil – a Buddha statue

Give something a little unusual to bring tranquillity into her life. Our delicate, detailed, creative little buddha set in mint enamel is loved by all.

creative little buddha - set of three in mint green

Something Comforting

As a super special Mother’s Day gift, why not treat your Mum to a luxurious and Super Soft Faux Fur Throw – makes a beautiful bed cover, blanket or decorative accent for your sofa.

silver-grey fake fur throw

Something Colourful 

We have a wide range of colourful and funky tableware and kitchen / dining products on Black Qubd.

colourful bowl with coloured servers and colourful salad