Nordic Interiors & Accessories.

Black Qubd are super excited because we have just launched our new Nordic range! It’s a range completely different to what we have been offering so far; clean lines and muted tones to add charm to any space.

Nordic accessories are a homage to the minimalistic trend in interiors. Each one of the pieces in our new range offers an insight of the defining characteristics of the style. It offers a simple way to start bringing the trend together in your home. This blog post is an introduction to our new range and the Nordic style that is becoming increasingly popular.

1. Minimalism

One of the key aspects of this style is the decluttered and minimalistic style. We all know that a cluttered home can be chaotic and stressful to live in, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. One of the common misconceptions of minimalistic living is that there is little elements of interest in the space. Nordic style is all about clever storage ideas, whilst adding interest through key items of use.

Our new range has these beautiful and vibrant iron wall hanging boxes that are perfect for functional storage but also an interesting and vibrant talking point.

Iron Wall Hanging Storage Boxes

The clever coves are perfect for tucking away items whilst creating a clean and organised space.

2. Clean Lines

Keeping in line with the decluttered spaces, a key characteristic of the Nordic style, is the simple and clean lines. A lot of the spaces, Nordic inspired, will have furniture and accessories with clean lines and geometric angles to add visual interest.

Geometric Candle Holders

These tealight holders are a perfect addition to any home; Nordic interiors will often have a great focus on lighting including different levels of lighting throughout the space to create warmth and cosiness in an otherwise minimalistic and often stark space.

3. Metallics

Nordic interiors tie in perfectly with the Danish concept of hygge; to live well. By creating calm, muted and peaceful spaces through the colour palette and clutter-free living, Nordic style will add depth, warmth and cosiness by using textures and metallics. The use of metallics not only brings a reflective shine to the space making it more inviting but adds to the simplistic beauty and allows for the interest to be added through the use of accessories.

Marble Vase with Stand

These gorgeous vases are not only a great addition in their silver, gold and rose gold shades to match any interior style, they also bring a touch of the natural world into the home. Nordic interiors are big on their connection to the natural world, often using plants and natural materials like wood to link to the outside world. It all works towards creating the calm ambience favoured by such a style.

4. Muted Tones

This is perhaps one of the most obvious characteristics of this trend, the colour palette is very muted tones, allowing for furniture and accessories to create captivating spaces. Shades of black, white, brown and other very light neutrals are favoured as a blank canvas.

Ceramic Ornaments

These decorative pieces are a great way to start building the trend throughout the room as they work well with other colours.

To see our full Nordic collection, click here.

Copyright credit to Zahra Abbas.