various serving platters with variety of snacks

Five Ways to Serve Food when Entertaining at Home

Entertaining at home can be extremely stressful. We try to cater for all ages, sex and taste buds but more importantly taking into account allergies and diets (for example; vegan, gluten free, low carb).

It’s amazing how the serving dishes can change the entire outlook of the food being served. If I mentioned to you that I was serving cheese crackers with dips for snacks, jacket potato for dinner and trifle / mousse for desserts, you’re probably thinking there is no creativity in this at all. But that is exactly what I served once when I had my girlie friends over (pre-covid).

There is no rule to how you serve your menu, and I honestly didn’t stress about what I was serving. But by carefully selecting the platters, bowls and colour theme, the food served made it extra exciting. This is where Black Qubd comes in. Here are some of our creative ways to serve food in your home.

ikea serving trays with individual pudding pots

1. A Simple Platter Goes a Long Way

Often I have ended up searching through my mum’s cupboards in the hunt for some serving trays. I came across some very smart trays that were purchased from Ikea. The white trays from Ikea (image above) are large enough to hold 8 Gu dessert glass bowls that I served chocolate mousse and trifle in.

Silver trays which were part of our last Summer collection were ideal to hold an array of finger foods for a baby shower.

serving trays with snack foods


2. No Tiers

No afternoon tea is complete without a tiered serving stand ideal for sandwiches, cakes and scones.

purple cake stand 2-tier

3. It’s a Star

Our white porcelain stars are actually candle holders which happened to be very popular over Christmas. They fit very well with the theme and I used them to serve snacks and hold a candle too.

white star dish with biscuits alongside tray of individual chocolate puddings

4. Go Square

The square bowls in our range are really versatile. Available in various sizes and multiple colours and patterns. They can be used for just about anything. Here we show the bowls being used to serve snacks such as crisps. The medium size bowls are perfect for this whereas our small ones are great for dips and chutneys.

square serving bowls with snacks

5. And finally…recycle your GU desserts

Don’t you just love GU desserts? I also love collecting the glass bowls that the desserts come in. My collection has grown to over 20 glass bowls by now so this was the perfect occasion for the bowls to come out and for me to make desserts in them.  I made trifle and a vegan chocolate mousse. You can find the recipe for the mousse here .

gu desserts pots recycle glass
So, whatever you decide to make, no matter how simple, have a think about how to serve your dishes using our funky bowls and creative ideas.