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Ganesh with Peacock Statue

Ganesh with Peacock Statue

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Ganesh with Peacock Statue

This eye-catching, incredibly detailed statue is depicting Ganesha seated on a peacock throne and playing a musical instrument - flute. Some Hindu deities are often depicted riding a peacock. In Hindu mythology, the peacock is believed to be a symbol of the cycle of time while the peacock's feather has been considered as a sign of beauty and knowledge. Ganesha figurine makes a great decor item and also can attract auspicious energy to your life. 

There's something unique about this Ganesh with peacock statue. In the right setting, it would make quite a statement. A modern look to a spiritual statue. Lord Ganesh stands playing the flute with a peacock. The intricate design makes this piece quite special, perfect for your home or as a gift. Place in your home to welcome in the strength and wisdom of Ganesha.


  • Size: Height 20.5cm Width 13.5cm Depth 10cm
  • Made from resin with an intricate design
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  • Care Instructions: Wipe with a soft clean cloth, 


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"I love the unique items and have bought several gifts which have been well received. Have always received great service. Would highly recommend, I for sure will be buying again!"


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