luxury II love gift box

A Collaboration of LOVE

For a number of years, I have supported small businesses through collaborations. So what is ‘collaboration’ and why should we collaborate?

Collaboration is when 1 or more businesses come together to create something new.  This could be a new product, a collection of products or even a service.

5 months ago we collaborated with Purple Mill to create a range of gift sets for Diwali. By combining each of our products, a new set was born.

mosaic plate cracked glass tealight

Crackled Glass Tealight Set

Mini Lotus Tealight Set

 Large Lotus Tealight Set

Why Collaborate?

See our top 10 reasons why businesses should collaborate.
1. To help each other grow their followings.
2. Support one another.
3. It’s free marketing if done correctly.
4. Widen your reach.
5. Add to your collection of products.
6. Learn from others about their products and how they run their business.
7. Drive traffic to your website.
8. Increase brand awareness.
9. Up your credibility with existing and new customer.
10. Increase your sales / revenue.

Did you know one of the famous brands that have collaborated is Uber and Spotify.

You can take a cab and connect your Spotify to the cabs radio. 


For Valentine’s Day, we have teamed up with Purple Mill and MBOS London to bring to you a collection of Luxury LOVE Gift Boxes.

Luxury LOVE Gift Box

purple mill mbos london

Black Qubd & Friends

luxury II love gift box

 Luxury II LOVE Gift Box

The LOVE gift boxes consist of items from each of our ranges.

A red rose is a symbol of love, passion and romance. MBOS London’s everlasting preserved red rose makes it the perfect gift to say “I Love you”. Complimented with an Arabian Rose candle or diffuser by Isla & Grace, Purple Mill.

Our recycled aluminium heart dish is an addition to put the miniature chocolate hearts by Hotel Chocolat.

We’ve made the gifts extra special with a bottle of bubbly but this is an optional extra.

This is a great example of small businesses coming together to create a brand new product range to suit a popular occasion.  But it doesn’t stop there…we have much more coming your way for Mother’s Day too.

There are 4.9 million small businesses in the UK.  Who can you collaborate with?